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ARInside: Remedy Documentation Generator

ARInside generates a static set of HTML files that provide a means for navigating Remedy workflow.

Project Information

LicenseGNU GPL
Code RepositorySubversion repository available at
Mailing List: Source Changesarinside-src contains diffs for all commits to the tree
Mailing List: Discussionarinside-misc is available for general discussion
Mailing List: Announcementsarinside-announce is a low volume list that contains information on releases, patches, and security issues
Mailing List: Gnatsarinside-gnats receives automated emails generated from tickets in the Trac interface

Software Information

Please see the release notes about latest changes. For changes in version 3.1.0 you can look into the What's New section of that version. To get started with ARInside please check out the Documentation page.

ReleasePlatform(s)Written In
3.1.2Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX*C++

* - experimental support

Latest Downloads

DescriptionARAPI usedsupported server versionRecommended
ARInside-3.1.2-win32-binary8.15.x - 8.1Yes
ARInside-3.1.2-win64-binary8.15.x - 8.1
ARInside-3.1.2-linux64-binary8.15.x - 8.1
ARInside-3.1.2-solaris10sparc-binary8.15.x - 8.1

Latest Beta Versions

Currently is no beta version available.

Bug Reports

Please open a new ticket or use the arinside-misc-list to report any bugs.