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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#32 add DSO support new enhancement major
#46 Index or Search Capabilites new enhancement major
#47 Missing Workflow for Fields validation new enhancement major
#48 columns display wrong form if table source is a different server new defect major
#49 qualification of a table field not resolved correctly if source is a different server new defect major
#61 rework the error handling new task major
#77 support for named searches new enhancement major
#125 'Parent' of Menu items not being linked properly new defect major
#126 Overlay Differences new enhancement major
#128 HTML Optimization new enhancement major
#135 Add sample data support to menus new defect major 3.2.0
#137 Add support for partial overlays new enhancement major
#141 arinside is crashing at filter calling web service 109 fields accepted jls17 defect major
#144 DSO Calls are documented as 'Run Process' actions new defect major
#145 Filter -> By Action further detail new enhancement major
#147 document a specific list new enhancement major
#149 Set Fields - Sub Action new enhancement major
#150 __c getting stripped when it shouldn't be new defect major
#34 possibility to link multiple server documentation together new enhancement minor
#38 move "container references" row to the "workflow references" new enhancement minor
#62 Add ability to create def files new enhancement minor
#65 show more details for table fields new enhancement minor
#67 add a page with all server-extern references new enhancement minor
#87 Show an Escalation time line new enhancement minor
#94 Include DB Information assigned enhancement minor
#101 Add timing information to the escalation overview new enhancement minor
#104 Create references for the special-runprocess commands new defect minor
#111 fields in DDE actions are not resolved new defect minor
#112 fields used in OLE action are not referenced new defect minor
#114 queries to enum-field table-columns not resolved correctly new defect minor
#123 Show application states new defect minor 3.2.0
#136 Correct Filtered Table Sorting new task minor 3.2.0
#148 List fields in a container new enhancement minor
#151 Active Link on 'Workflow' tab of a form doesn't show all of the 'Execute On' conditions new defect minor
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