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19:37 Ticket #63 (test ticket) closed by agrams
18:51 Ticket #63 (test ticket) created by agrams
test ticket
16:13 Ticket #41 (OpenWindow field mappings aren't working properly) closed by jls17
fixed: r75
16:10 Changeset [75] by jls17
rework documentation of "open window" action (shows messages, …
12:22 Ticket #62 (Add ability to create def files) created by jason.milja2
Being able to create def files from ARInside would allow users restore …


16:41 Ticket #61 (rework the error handling) created by jls17
the error handling needs a redesign. currently the programm continues on …
16:38 Ticket #60 (move all options to settings.ini) created by jls17
currently you have to pass the connect informations (like server, user, …
16:12 Changeset [74] by ljlongwing
found defect in input/output web service mapping that it assumed all …
12:18 Ticket #59 (Enhancement Request - Add DB form View Name) created by christopher.pruitt@…
It would be a great help to have the Form's DB View Name include on the …
12:16 Ticket #58 (Enhancement Request - Add DB Table info to forms output.) created by christopher.pruitt@…
We find ourselves always looking up the Database Table Name and SchemaId?
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10:10 Changeset [73] by ljlongwing
Updated to include large memory support (>2gb)
10:08 Changeset [72] by ljlongwing


05:10 Changeset [71] by jls17
added a configuration for beta builds; changed version-naming a bit; …


10:03 Ticket #57 ('All Matching IDs' matching matches on non fields) created by ljlongwing
if you have a worfkflow that pushes/setfield on matching ids it adds …
01:07 Changeset [70] by jls17
webservice output-mapping was missing;


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15:30 Changeset [69] by ljlongwing
screwed up some of the parsing for special run processes. converted them …
14:55 Ticket #56 (Ref: Ticket# 54 - Beta 3.0 Build 64: Update) closed by ljlongwing
duplicate: Monkeybusiness, I have updated it so you should be able to update existing …
14:49 Changeset [68] by ljlongwing
added some more error handling into the WSDL processing
14:13 Changeset [67] by jls17
added some more details to the exception handling; little fix in …
12:40 Changeset [66] by jls17
fixed: activelink execute-on was displayed incorrectly if only interval is …
09:45 Ticket #55 (Allow to run completely offline) closed by ljlongwing
invalid: had the wrong config file option :)


23:08 Ticket #8 (Webservice SetField Actions don't enumerate the fields used) closed by ljlongwing
fixed: added this functionality in r65
23:06 Changeset [65] by ljlongwing
This commit provides parsing of Webservice setfield actions, and adds …
22:49 Ticket #56 (Ref: Ticket# 54 - Beta 3.0 Build 64: Update) created by monkeybusiness
Can't see how to update the ticket #54 itself... Re-ran with build 64. …
12:29 Ticket #55 (Allow to run completely offline) created by ljlongwing
Currently you need to provide the server and user ID, even if you are …
11:21 Changeset [64] by jls17
07:35 Ticket #54 (ARInside 3.0 Beta on ARS/ITSM 7.5 failed) created by monkeybusiness
Inital startup appeard good - reported loading users, groups, roles and …


17:19 Changeset [63] by ljlongwing
Changed the release notes to be just that...notes about the release, …
15:59 Ticket #39 (Field references in run processes not processed completely) closed by ljlongwing
fixed: r60 and r62 implement a majority of the functionality possible, if not …
15:40 Changeset [62] by ljlongwing
#8 - Fixed some issues I noticed regarding parsing of the fields causing a …
08:54 New download ARInside-2.07.2-Installer.zip created by ljlongwing
(8.6 MB) ARInside 2.07.2 (Installer)
08:51 New download ARInside-2.07.2.zip created by ljlongwing
(6.7 MB) ARInside 2.07.2
08:50 New download ARInside.pdf created by ljlongwing
(164.0 KB) ARInside Documentation
08:47 New download ARInside-2.04.8.zip created by ljlongwing
(7.0 MB) ARInside 2.04.08
08:46 New download ARInside-2.02.1.zip created by ljlongwing
(7.0 MB) ARInside 2.02.1
08:33 Ticket #52 (Show Field Labelnames and database names in a table) closed by ljlongwing
invalid: Talked to Aravind and discussed the existence of this functionality


09:31 Changeset [61] by jls17
updated COPYING and added lics


11:39 Changeset [60] by ljlongwing
This change is relating to #39. Added support for most runprocesses
08:50 Changeset [59] by jls17
added xml parser tinyXML to move on with webservice stuff


16:10 Changeset [58] by jls17
first steps to support multiple platforms: - updated includes to …


10:50 Changeset [57] by jls17
fixed a bug when current schema (@) is used for sample form in setfields-, …


09:29 Ticket #53 (For set fields webservice action (FL, ESC), show complete information) closed by ljlongwing
duplicate: this is the same functionality requested in #8. I'm actually working on …
06:35 Ticket #53 (For set fields webservice action (FL, ESC), show complete information) created by aravind
For a FL/ESC set-fields action via a webservice, please show complete …
06:29 Ticket #52 (Show Field Labelnames and database names in a table) created by aravind
Hi, I would like to see a table, preferably in the page for a form, where …


16:08 Ticket #13 (bad performance on parsing SetFields-Assignments) closed by jls17
fixed: qualification parsing of setfields-if and pushfields-if occurs only once …
16:03 Changeset [56] by jls17
optimized documentation of pushfields; added sample data support to …
11:11 Ticket #44 (installation - Run // not as admin) closed by ljlongwing
wontfix: Due to the limited nature of what the Remedy API allows to be documented …
11:10 Ticket #50 (Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender) closed by ljlongwing
11:08 Ticket #45 (Version or Last run Information) closed by ljlongwing
fixed: Added 'Run Notes'. r55
11:08 Changeset [55] by ljlongwing
#45 - This is to add functionality to allow you to specify notes on a …


10:40 Changeset [54] by jls17
two little fixes: - if char-menu of a field is set to $NULL$ it was showed …
06:49 Changeset [53] by jls17
moved setfields server/form/qualification parsing to …


16:32 Changeset [52] by ljlongwing
Correcting spelling from 'Menu Choise' to 'Menu Choice'
00:15 Changeset [51] by jls17
forgot to add renamed files on last commit


15:53 Changeset [50] by jls17
now CARInside collects a list of missing menus (LinkToMenu? has a parameter …


07:48 Changeset [49] by jls17
added sample-data support for call-guide action in activelinks and …


13:13 Changeset [48] by jls17
forms for service input/output-mappings were used incorrectly; added …


09:07 Ticket #51 (Portability to all supported Remedy platforms) created by agrams
Update ARInside so that it can be compiled on all platforms that Remedy …
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