16:33 Ticket #54 (ARInside 3.0 Beta on ARS/ITSM 7.5 failed) closed by ljlongwing
16:27 WikiStart edited by ljlongwing
08:30 Changeset [93] by jls17
added error handling to api initialization
06:13 Ticket #72 (Push Fields -> "Push Fields If" condition being parsed wrong) created by aravind
Hi, Version = ARInside v3.0 Beta Build 89 (RC1 If I have an Active Link …


16:29 Changeset [92] by jls17
some memory leaks fixed (but had to remove all ARFree calls from …


13:02 Changeset [91] by jls17
fixed password length constant used for filling ARControlStruct; uses …
09:05 Changeset [90] by jls17
fixes a little bug LJ has noticed;


13:18 Ticket #71 (Bug Found ARInside 3.0 RC1) created by christopher.pruitt@…
Started ARInside 3,0 RC1, (Disregard the XXXXXXX it is not the real Server …
10:54 WikiStart edited by ljlongwing
10:54 WikiStart edited by ljlongwing
10:45 Changeset [89] by ljlongwing
Simplified qualification parsing so that only needed parens exist, instead …
09:28 Ticket #70 (the letter-index should only link to pages with at least one object) created by jls17
The forms index page contains a line with links for letters a-z, 0-9 and # …
09:17 Ticket #69 (menus dont list container references) created by jls17
currently you are unable to see which containers hold a specific menu
09:15 Ticket #26 (add in 7.5 newly supported AR_SERVER_INFO_xxx) closed by jls17
fixed: already done in r35


15:43 Ticket #27 (add support for image objects) closed by jls17
fixed: finished in r88
15:42 Changeset [88] by jls17
the navigation.htm file is now generated by CNavigationPage class; the …
13:19 Ticket #21 (resolve fieldid of the "Display Parent" display property) closed by jls17
fixed: fixed in r85
12:01 Changeset [87] by jls17
delete finished branch
11:26 Changeset [86] by jls17
reintegrate merge from /branches/work_jls17 (image support; redesign …
10:48 Changeset [85] by jls17
added interface CARPropertyCallback; CARProplistHelper now supports …


15:35 Changeset [84] by jls17
moved additional needed functions to abstract class CARServerObject; added …
08:32 Changeset [83] by jls17
redesigned CARObject, CARServerObject and CARDataObject; CARObject and …
04:19 Changeset [82] by jls17
implemented imagelist sorting; documentation of image index and detail …
03:46 Changeset [81] by jls17
branch for adding image support and refactoring object design


14:24 Changeset [80] by jls17
only internal changes: new CARImageList object that deals with images; …
11:50 WikiStart edited by ljlongwing
11:36 Changeset [79] by ljlongwing
Resized some of the columns displaying workflow references so that the …


16:45 Changeset [78] by ljlongwing
Added text parsing for Direct SQL and SQL Setfield actions to document …


13:52 Ticket #68 (Group documentation enhancements) created by jason.milja2
1. Add the “Group Category” to the Group documentation. 2. If the group …


18:14 WikiStart edited by ljlongwing
03:35 Ticket #36 (server- and form-name are displayed wrong if read from field) closed by jls17
fixed: finished with r77
03:33 Changeset [77] by jls17
push-field-actions of filters and activelinks with sample data are now …
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