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What's new in ARInside 3.1.0

The following sections describes the new features and changes in ARInside 3.1.0. For a short overview please see the release notes file.

Documentation improvments

Usability of overview-pages

The pages listing all the workflow (forms, active-links, filters, etc.) have been improved to be more useful. First, they don't contain any static tables with thousands of rows anymore. This reduces the overall page size and as well the time needed to open and render the page. Additionally the content could be filtered dynamically. The following screenshot is showing the filter section at the top of the Forms page.

By using the input field on the top left you could specify a search criteria. By separating multiple search criteria with spaces, the object has to match multiple parts. In the next screenshot you could see such an example. It helps to find objects quickly by specifying unique parts of the object name. But the criteria has to match from left to right, so in the following case it looks for objects containing "*sys*adm*con*", where "*" matches any or zero characters.

Want to know what table T12 is? Just type "12" and check the results. And another hint: to quickly clear the filter field, just hit the escape key while the cursor is blinking there.

And with the type filter you can restrict the result to a specific object type (regular, join, ...), self-explainatory.

A similar type filter is available on the filters page.

If the search criteria matches more than 100 results, the search is stopped. In this case there is an additional row at the end of the table, were the next 100 rows or all results can be retrieved.

This helps to keep the interface responsive even if you specific a search criteria with thousands of matches (which might take very long to render the page).

Redesign of the schema page

The layout of the schema page has been reworked completely to present the informations in a more structured way.

On the different tabs the following informations are available:

  • General
    This tab has all informations directly related to the schema itself. With ARInside 3.1.0 a few database details (schemaid and view names) are shown as well.
  • Fields
    All the fields of the schema are listed on this tab and the list could be filtered too.
  • Views
    The VUIs of the schema are listed on this tab.
  • Workflow
    On this tab you could find all the workflow (active links, filters, escalation, ...) directly attach to the form.
  • References
    All the workflow references are listed here. The references are group into categories like "read from schema", "write to schema", "deletes on schema" and "service callers".

In previous version of ARInside some of the informations on the different tabs were reachable by some schema-specific links in the navigation area. This additional navigation area has been removed completely.

Some improvements of the setfields action

In setfields-actions the "Data Source" is documented like in DevStudio to make distinguishing between the action-type little bit easier. Some errors have been fixed in this area as well.

Filter-API calls fully supported

Starting with ARInside 3.1.0 filter api calls are fully documented. Input- and output-mappings are shown correctly.


If a actlink-guide, filter-guide, application or packing-list is contained in another packing-list, the reference is listed on the page of the object.

Supported server versions

The version of ARAPI has been upgraded to version 8.1 to support some of the never features. While there is support for new keywords, function and so on, completely new features might still be missing or not documented correctly in ARInside (like the granular overlay feature).


Here is a short list of bugfixes. The list is available here as well.

  • fixed an error with setfields-all-matching-ids in case it is used in combination with sample-data
  • fixed an error in sample data resolving, if the sample data is read from current server (uses @)
  • fixed a crash if webservice was attached to a missing form (or form is blacklisted)
  • fixed wrong documentation; fields in texts (e.q RunProcess) which are missing, were documented as $$
  • fixed push-field actions with all-matching-id mapping (the source and target forms were switched)

Under the hood there were lots of changes and additional errors have been fixed, but are not listed here.

Upgrade notes

Because some pages were removed form ARInside 3.1.0 the output folder should be cleared at least once. If you've DeleteExistingFiles enabled in your settings.ini, the existing documention is automatically deleted during the generation and no further steps are necessary. Otherwise delete the output folder once or enable the DeleteExistingFiles ini-option (and disable it after the initial run again).

We recommend merging your existing settings into a new settings.ini file provided as part of the download. This makes it easier if you need to change or enable one of the newer settings. If you upgrade from version 3.0.3 this procedure is not needed, because the format of the ini-file hasn't changed since this version.

If you upgrade from a 32-bit version to 64-bit binary, don't extract the new version to the same directory. This can cause librariy conflicts. Use a new directory for the 64-bit binary or delete all exe and dll files in your old installation directory first.

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